Gay & Lesbian Counseling

Members of the LGBT community may seek counseling for many of the same life issues as heterosexual individuals, such as depression and anxiety. However, living in different ethnic communities, they may encounter unique challenges living with their LGBT status, including discrimination and stigma from family members, friends, colleagues and so on. This is especially true, if you have lived in the Iranian-American community in Los Angeles. Being a gay or lesbian Iranian has its unique challenges. The family members of the homosexual inevitably will contend with a variety of issues of their own.

It is imperative that you feel supported and be able to speak freely and comfortably with a therapist, to deal with any life issues relating to your sexual orientation. Confront stressors such as homophobia, societal discrimination, prejudice, coming out, family relationships, cultural prejudices, in our therapy sessions and overcome negative impediments to living a happy life.

Ask yourself: 

  • Are you having feeling of shame or guilt about your sexual identity?
  • Is there conflict in your family as a result of your sexual orientation?
  • Are you fearful that having a homosexual family member will affect your social status?
  • Have you avoided coming out to your family due to the stigma in the Iranian society?

As a trusted, Los Angeles psychotherapist with the experience and understanding of Iranian culture, She has extensive experience working with the gay and lesbian population and their families. In addition to her professional training Fatemeh’s personal experience of having a homosexual family member gives her more insight in to the challenges that may be experienced by her patients and their family members. She can help empower you and your families with the useful tools to move forward and implement change.

If you would like to receive support and expert guidance in resolving gay and lesbian related issues and grow in a new direction, contact me, to achieve your goals. For new clients to my Los Angeles Psychotherapy office (and Encino Psychotherapy office).

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