Even the Best Parents Sometimes Feel Defeated.

Being a parent is incredibly satisfying and deeply rewarding. But it can often be extremely draining and emotionally challenging. No matter how hard you try there will be situations in which you feel ineffective.

The skills I offer as a psychotherapist can provide enormous relief. I will give you practical tools to help with your day-to-day challenges.

I have developed an extremely effective form of parenting that will allow you to:

* Understand your child’s brain and help them manage stress.
* Set limits for your kids with Empathy and respect
*Resolve problems from tantrums to sleep

With my support you can set goals with compassion. My strategies will manage your child’s behaviors in a new and creative way that will also be fulfilling for you as a parent.

My approach creates a path for parents to have a calm and joyous family environment. Visit my Los Angeles office for special parenting therapy sessions.

Home Assessment

As part of my services, I offer an exclusive home assessment program with your child. The program includes an observation period, review parenting styles, and identify issues with your child. I will determine an effective course of action to resolve the issues that we identified as troublesome. Resulting from our therapy, I will create a calm and enjoyable home for the family.

Contact me to discuss parenting therapy, at (310) 535-1398.