Patient Reviews

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing couples and individuals, throughout the years. Below is some of the feedback I have received from grateful patients.

T.H. from Los Angeles

My husband and I had tried a few therapists before Fatemeh and were in a really bad place.  We were so lucky to get a recommendation by a friend to see her because she literally turned our lives around.  She helped us to really understand what the communication problems were and gave us the tools to fix them.  We our marriage to her.

M.E. from Santa Monica

I’ve been working with Fatemeh for the past 8 months and my only regret it why I didn’t start sooner. She is very intuitive and compassionate. She just cuts through the clutter and the stories and goes right to the source and turns on the light with such kindness and strength. The openness, the creativity, the possibilities and the love I once again feel in myself I owe to her. I haven’t yet thanked the friend who introduced Fatemeh to me, but he’s next!

F.L. from Los Angeles

Fatemeh Farahan is amazing.  She is extremely knowledgeable and professional but is also very caring and supportive.  My life has truly changed since I have been working with her.